Interested on how to become a Food Safety Compliance Officer? Here are the ways and tips to become one!

A Food Safety Compliance Officer is designated by the Food Business Operator. According to RA 10611 or the Food Safety Act of 2013, under Section 14. Specific Responsibilities of Food Business Operators:

Rule 14a.2 The FSCO shall oversee the implementation of the food safety programs and activities of the food business consistent with the provisions of this IRR.

Basically, an FSCO is responsible in the promotion of a food business’ food safety. Together with their team, they are in charge of implementing and planning of activities that would help an establishment in securing that their food is safe for consumption.

Anyone can become an FSCO, but not everyone has got what it takes to become one. Being an FSCO is not an easy task, but it is fulfilling. Below are some tips on how to become an effective FSCO as told by FoodSHAP® VP for Program Development and Food Inspection Services, Mr. Glenn Hyde Dela Cruz, FSCO, MFSM.

The main characteristics required to be an FSCO are:

  • Competency and an in-depth knowledge of food safety, hygiene, and sanitation
  • Leadership and interpersonal skills
  • Attention to detail
  • Authority to implement corrective actions
  • Ability to train, coach, and influence people

Aside from the tips above, this one step will lead you to become an FSCO.

  1. Attend a DOH-recognized FSCO training course

Still under Section 14 of the Republic Act 10611,

Rule 14a.1 All food businesses shall designate a Food Safety Compliance Officer (FSCO) who has passed a prescribed training course for FSCO recognized by the DA and/or the DOH.

For you to become an FSCO, you need to pass a training course that is recognized by DA and/or the DOH. Here in the Philippines, Food Safety & Hygiene Academy of the Philippines (FoodSHAP®) developed a certificate program for FSCO as recognized by the Department of Health that can be taken through classroom or e-Learning approach. To become FoodSHAP® Certificate Holder as Food Safety Compliance Officer, you need to attend and pass the following courses:

1. FoodSHAP® Basic Food Safety for Food Handlers

2. FoodSHAP® HACCP Principles and Practice

3. FoodSHAP® Food Safety Compliance Officer

To learn more about the certificate program, you may visit or pre-register through

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