FoodSHAP® partners with Rise Against Hunger Philippines for Good Food Grocer Food Safety Guidelines

Poverty has long been the major problem for the Filipinos. Alongside the crisis comes hunger which is prevalent in the different parts of the country. Many families are seen in the streets begging for alms and food to eat. Documentaries and news often show a household that eats once a day if they are fortunate enough. According to the Social Weather Survey (SWS) conducted last June 2019, about 10% of the population or an estimated 2.5 million families experienced involuntary hunger at least once in the past three months. To respond to this crisis, one organization strives to battle against hunger through its programs.

Rise Against Hunger Philippines‘ mission is to end hunger through feeding programs and other development projects. One of their latest projects is the opening of the first food bank in the Philippines called the Good Food Grocer (GFG) last May 2018.It aims to feed those who are in need. It feeds families through their soup kitchen that runs daily. It also gives out food donated by their partner companies. GFG also instigates public awareness on nutrition and hygiene education.

Good Food is for All

Partnership signing between FoodSHAP®‘s VP for Training and Program Development and Co-Founder, Mr. Glenn Dela Cruz and RAHP Vice President and Trustee, Ms. Yolly Ong

Everyone has the right to eat. Not just that, we also have the freedom and opportunity to consume safe and nutritious food. Good Food Grocer envisions to provide good food for everyone especially children and pregnant mothers. With its goal to deliver safe food, Rise Against Hunger Philippines partners with the Food Safety and Hygiene Academy of the Philippines. FoodSHAP®‘s Vice President for Training and Program Development and Co-Founder, Mr. Glenn Dela Cruz and Ms. Yolly Ong, RAHP Vice President and Trustee, signed a partnership agreement last June 18, 2019. The partnership aims to help RAHP in the revision of Good Food Grocer’s Food Safety Guidelines.

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