FoodSHAP® celebrates World Food Safety Day 2019

Food Safety plays a vital role in our daily lives. People need food to survive, so it is a must that the food we prepare and serve is safe to avoid illnesses. Nowadays, most people often forget the importance of food safety. We seem to value the appearance of food rather than ensuring its safety. Although other social issues become prevalent in the world and the country, the number of cases of foodborne illnesses is still alarming. To highlight the importance of Food Safety, the World Health Organization (WHO) and Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations organized a day where people can celebrate the importance of food safety. Every 7th of June, every member of the United Nations celebrate World Food Safety Day.

The theme for the first World Food Safety Day is “Food Safety is everyone’s business”. It highlights the importance of food handling in all stages—from purchasing, receiving, storing, preparing, cooking, and up to serving. The celebration calls for everybody. Government officials, producers, business operators, and even consumers should take responsibility to ensure that every food served is safe and fit for consumption.

Food Safety and Hygiene Academy of the Philippines gladly participated in the celebration by doing their part in the awareness of food safety around the Philippines. The institution traversed on the different groups that cover the parts of the flow of food. The following are the events where FoodSHAP® celebrated World Food Safety Day 2019:

FoodSHAP® with the Central Visayas Food Safety Technical Working Group
FoodSHAP® with the Central Visayas Food Safety Technical Working Group

June 7, 2019 –Grow it safe – Agriculture and food producers need to adopt good practices. The first step to having safe food is by proper production. Animals and harvests must first be taken care of properly. Good hygiene must be observed. It is through our food producers that we ensure that our food will be safe to eat. They must follow good agricultural practices to manufacture products that are free from danger to avoid food poisoning. FoodSHAP® conducted a farm visit and had an orientation on Good Agricultural Practices with the Central Visayas Food Safety Technical Working Group. Some of the activities prepared were the inspection of agricultural farms and a field trip to some facilities handling fresh produce.

FoodSHAP® Moms

June 17, 2019 –Food Safety is a shared responsibility. Consumers have the right to purchase safe food. This entails a duty to prepare food safely. Majority of foodborne illnesses might come from food establishments but there is also a large number of people who suffered from foodborne illnesses from home-cooked food. As food safety is everyone’s responsibility, each one of us must learn how to prepare food safely. The knowledge to ensure the safety of food is essential in avoiding foodborne illnesses. FoodSHAP® presented FoodSHAP® Moms, a community-based workshop training for parents. It was conducted in the Sacred Heart Parish Shrine in Quezon City. Attendees experienced interactive learning on the Basic Foundations of Food Safety to help them prepare a hazard-free food at home.

World Food Safety is only done once a year. Always remember to ensure food safety every day!

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