FoodSHAP® Food Inspection Service (FIS) is a third party Inspection Body providing food safety, hygiene, and sanitation inspection services to the food industry.

FoodSHAP® is the first inspection body for food safety in the Philippines under ISO/IEC 17020:2012 accredited by the Department of Trade and Industry's Philippine Accreditation Bureau to issue certificate of inspection for food establishments demonstrating strict compliance to food safety, hygiene, and sanitation standards.

Our inspection services help clients to assess the effectiveness of their current control measures and for the proper implementation of their corrective and preventive actions - to reassure both customers and employees’ health and safety

Amidst the current global COVID-19 pandemic crisis, FoodSHAP® Food Safety Risk-based Inspection could strengthen your Food Safety, Hygiene and Sanitation Programs by controlling and preventing potential spread of infection and foodborne illnesses.


Risk-Based Inspection refers to inspection focused on risk factors (i.e. those that may cause food-borne disease in consumers if left uncontrolled) to determine the adequacy of a food business operator’s quality and safety management according to the R.A. 10611 or Food Safety Act of 2013 IRR.

This approach is proactive/preventive targeting the control of food risk factors following the flow of food at the source, during food production and up to serving to consumers.

As most food preparation occurs behind doors, consumers are most often unaware of how their food was produced and how safe they are for consumption. FoodSHAP® issues certificate of inspection and sticker marks for food establishments demonstrating strict compliance to food safety, hygiene, and sanitation standards. This could enhance consumer confidence and safety awareness on the food that they serve.

  • Hotels and Resorts
  • Restaurants, Bars and Fast food
  • Canteens and Concessionaires
  • Food court and Food parks
  • Food processing, Cold storage and suppliers
  • Supermarkets and Groceries
  • Convenience Stores and Food Retailers
  • Hospital’s Nutrition and Dietary facilities
  • School canteens and Feeding centers
  • Care homes, Nursing homes, Day care centers
  • Prisons

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We at FoodSHAP® Food Inspection Division, strive to consistently exceed our stakeholder’s expectations because Quality inspection is our fundamental means to support the industry implementation of Food Safety.

This means that every EMPLOYEE and INSPECTOR of FoodSHAP® adapts a philosophy of Quality excellence in all that we do: from the way we develop our systems and build our services, to the way we interact with clients, vendors, and one another, while maintaining true to our Core Values.

As a TEAM, we are committed to continuously provide client value and satisfaction in our risk- based food safety inspection services through world-class commitment to leadership, employee development, continual improvement, recognition, social responsibility and compliance to ISO/IEC 17020:2012.